Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Timber Decking


With several different companies and materials available in the market. It becomes really hard when you know what to consider when you search the market to choose the perfect decking. If you’re planning to renovate your residential or commercial area and you want to install a deck in or around your garden. It is really important to know the comparisons of different types of material available in the market. Some of the decking available in the market are Pressure-treated softwood boards. Hardwood boards, composite WPC boards, PVC plastic boards, and timber decking etc.

To solve your problem to know how to compare and what to know about decking. Following comparisons and important factors will make it easier for you to make a wise decision. When choosing the perfect decking to remodel your dream home, garden or commercial building.


If you have planned to modify your outdoor space and you have decided to invest in a new deck in order to enhance the outdoor look of your residential and commercial area. Hence, it is very important to invest your time in choosing the perfect deck to make the outdoors appealing to sit in.

Pressure-treated softwood board is traditionally a low-cost decking which is easy to use and readily available. However, it requires continuous maintenance and can warp & split. Decking made of timber provide stunning warm colors and it has natural wood finish. Hard wood decks are relatively very expensive as compared to pressure treated timber decking. It requires regular maintenance and is very difficult to manage, cut or drill.

Plastic deck boards, specially made of PVC does not require high maintenance and it can be recycled. However, it is relatively expensive and has artificial look which is not much appealing to install in your residential and commercial outdoors.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to timber decking then you can opt for plastic decking. But you’ll have to replace the areas of deck boards very often due to wear and tear.

Moving on to composite decking, it is durable and a very attractive option. It’s easy to maintain it, but it is very expensive as compared to plastic or timber decking.


When choosing the perfect deck for yourself, it is very important to keep in mind the safety of decking. This factor is incredibly important as you don’t want to invest your money in the in installing a deck in your residence that is unsafe for your family.


As a consumer it’s very important to consider the cost of the material that you want to install. You must have set a specific budget for you decking, therefore taking cost into consideration is far most important factor. As mentioned before, durable, eye-catching, attractive deck boards will cost you more, whilst timber decking is a cheaper option as it does not require pre=treatment and carries warm colors and good quality naturally. Price of the deck differs based on the type of wood that you choose; Composite decking is far more expensive than plastic or PVC decking. If you don’t have a tight budget and you want to transform your outdoors in a more attractive and luxurious place, you can opt for composite decking.

Above mentioned are the most important considerations when deciding to install a deck. With so many options and factors to think about before installing a deck, it becomes overwhelming and confusing for the people.

The solution to all your problems is to get professional advice of the businesses in the decking industry which is available near your area. Four Services Sydney, is one of the best decking installation providers, their timber decking service is quite appealing, high quality and cost-effective to install in the outdoors of your residential and commercial areas.