Lawn Watering System

We offer complete installations and irrigation repairs.

By providing quality products and service, we pride ourselves, as we work on lawn watering system in your house by following these simple steps.


  • We place regular lawn sprinklers in permanent locations. We first measure the yard for watering and then we check outdoor faucets location, so we can advise for another installation if required.
  • The exact location of hoses, where will need to be run, and can they be hidden in flower beds, under a deck, etc.
  • We mostly use 2-way, 4-way, or 5-way hose manifold for your faucet to allow multiple hoses to be hooked up.
  • We use all UV stable irrigation systems.
  • For the yards, we use adjustable impact sprinkler. Metal tent stakes are used to hold the sprinkler in place (water pressure tends to make them wander).
  • For the flower beds, we use adjustable shrub misters for in-ground sprinkler systems. We can easily adjust them in height and pattern. You just need to push them into the ground and connect them in a series.
  • We also make custom length hoses.
  • To make custom length hoses, Our team will use the correct fitting for a life time warranty on all connections. (By cutting the hose and jamming the mending piece into the hose (some dish soap will help here), and tighten with the included clamp)
  • We also install Timers, by hooking it up to faucet, then we hook hose to it. Then we set the timer according to your need.

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