Rain Water Storage

We have technology that collects and stores rainwater for human use.

The water that gathers and stands in hollows of unpaved areas and roof tops during the rainy season, is accumulated with the help of pipes and saved into a storage tank for later use. There are several designs available in the market for storing of rainwater. 

Our aim is to complete customer satisfaction, not just at the time of services but before after and during the services provided to them. We listen, analyse and then instantly answer to you with the highest quality storage tank solutions.

We work on the of base quality, efficiency, and the needs of our customers, while staying true to structural integrity, capacities and standards.


We provide following services including:

  • Development of performance specifications
  • Equipment and system selections
  • Installations

We work alongside professional experts in the fields of rainwater storage, storm water management, wastewater recycling, and other water efficient sustainable systems and methods. 

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