Re-sealing Sinks & Baths

Get your baths, showers and sinks sealed by our professionals.

We ensure you that the work will be done right by our skilled professionals!

The expert of “Four services” know exactly how to do re-sealing, cleanly and efficiently, without disrupting your daily routines too much. A professional re-sealing service ensures that you won’t have issues in the future.

When we start resealing a bath, shower or sink within your home or office, there are various things to consider making the process easier. Bath and sinks will often need resealing if the silicone used to seal them has become mouldy.

Here, we explain a little more about the process: 

  • First, we prepare the area being sealed, and we ensure that there is no old silicone in the area where the work will be carried out.
  • Next, we cleanse the area with alcohol wipes to ensure no grease or oil are present that could prevent the silicone from bonding.
  • We also make sure that the full gun applies the silicone evenly and in a regulated fashion.

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